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BB Coaching Links


This is another useful tool for Beachbody coaches to provide them with a FREE and easy way to share products and links to customers and prospects. Now, you can share correct links using your coach id for workouts, challenge packs, fitness programs, gears and supplements with potential or current customers.Features Include:** Ability to enter your coach id** Navigation/Tabs to go to appropriate page containing links** Ability to copy links to clipboard** Ability to share links using social media, sms, email and whatsapp etc.** Links for Canadian Coaches** Search Functionality** Ability to enter Coach ScreenName to generate links to Landing Pages** In-app product to remove ads** User friendly design** We'll be adding monthly promotions and new products as they announce them.
Notes:** This version of app contains ads.** This is only an app to generate links.** Shakeology and other products are trademarks of Beachbody, Santa Monica, CA.** This application is only for informational purposes.